Afro Hair and Beauty Show 17

I think  I first heard of the Afro Hair and Beauty show (AHB) when I bought my first Black Hair and Beauty magazine. It is largest hair show specifically for afro hair and has been running for the last 30 something years.

For the past 5 years I’ve trotted along, to the Islington Design Centre, where it is held,  on the last May bank holiday. And I think this year is my last. I didn’t enjoy it. I only bought my ticket because Taliah Waajid was advertised as one of the exhibitors. On getting there I was told they hadn’t turned up. I was devastated, I’ve wanted to try their shea-coco line for a long time and it is quite hard to find the full range here.

For such a large show I felt there wasn’t a lot of brands for natural hair. There were big brands and lovely smaller business. Especially downstairs which was set up in form of a market place where mostly African wax-print (ankara) clothing were sold.

I guess I’ll just stick to smaller natural hair shows.





About me.

Welcome to my blog!

I wasn’t too sure whether I wanted to start blogging again. My previous blog wasn’t focused and I lost interest after a while. This blog will be about all things afro hair and my hair journey. Expect random posts, lots of images of my hair and the occasional rant! Here are my 10 hair facts:

1. I’ve relaxed my hair for most of my life- since I was four.

2. I transitioned for less than a year.

3. I big chopped in September 2013.

4. My hair is just about bra strap length.

5. I have a mixture of textures on my head .

6. My go-to hairstyle is my afro puff.

7. My favourite hair product is JBCO.

8. I have a very simple hair regimen.

9. My aim is waist length by the end of 2017.

10. I love my hair most of the time.